Prof. Dr. Michal VOJTÍŠEK
H-Index: 16

Prof. Dr. Michal VOJTÍŠEK

Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic, EU


Position: Full Professor at the Czech Technical University, Prague (Mechanical Engineering) and at the Technical University of Liberec (Mechatronics; Research Professor at the Dep. of Vehicles and Ground Transport, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic

Specialization: Sustainable Transport: technologies, energy resources, monitoring & reducing vehicle emissions and their effects on air & health


At the NANOCON´24 conference Michal Vojtíšek will open the Session D - Monitoring and toxicity of nanomaterials by the lecture “Reducing health risks of nanoparticles from mobile sources: Much accomplished, but still a long path ahead”.


Personal Background and Education:

Prof. Michal Vojtíšek obtained M.S. in Energy Resources from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (2000) and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Liberec (TUL), Czech Republic (2010). He worked at the University of Pittsburgh in 1996–2000, where he was the pioneer of real-world vehicle emissions measurements using portable emissions U.S.A., where he was the head of R&D department in 2000–2005. At Konheim & Ketcham Inc., New York, U.S.A. he worked as the transportation engineer responsible for preparation and audits of air quality studies and EIA (2005–2007), while (most of 2006) working as a Research Scientist at the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center at the State University of New York at Albany.

In 2007–2010, he was a manager of the Engine & Vehicle Laboratory at TUL, where he has established a group working on evaluating the effects of new motor fuels and engine and exhaust aftertreatment technologies on emissions and on human health, actively cooperating with two institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the toxicology group at the Institute of Experimental Medicine and the aerosol group at the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals. In 2014, he became Associate Professor, and in 2020 a full professor of Design and Process Engineering (both at the Czech Technical University). In 2011, he was a Visiting Professor at the Emissions control laboratory at the Bern University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland) and in 2015 a Visiting Scientist at the Vehicle emissions laboratory at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission in Ispra (Italy). His research group now spans three universities where he holds part-time positions.


Research interests:

Research interests of Michal Vojtíšek are mostly in the area of technologies and energy resources for sustainable transport, novel motor fuels, design of innovative instruments and methods for real-world emissions monitoring and for additional compounds of interest; brake wear emissions; nanoparticles; air quality; and effects of mobile source emissions on human health.

In the past 4 years he was the co-investigator of 3 foreign research grants (funded from the EU Horizon 2020) focusing on the remote sensing of emissions, citizen pathways of reducing vehicle emissions, and evaluation of emissions from motorcycles and small vehicles and of 2 Czech Science Foundation grants focusing on air pollution toxicity and on antimony from brake friction materials.


Summary of publication activity:

Author and co-author of over 70 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, over 700 citations and H-index: 16 (WoS, January 2024); ORCID ID


Other results of research activities:

He is also the lead author of 2 US and 7 Czech patents and about ten prototypes