prof. Dr. Iván MORA-SERÓ
H-Index: 84

prof. Dr. Iván MORA-SERÓ

Institute of Advanced Materials, Universitat Jaume I, Spain, EU


Position: Professor of Applied Physics, Principal Researcher Group of Advanced Semiconductors, Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM), Universitat Jaume I, Spain.


Field of interest: Photovoltaic Conversion and Light Emission based on Nanoscaled Devices and Semiconductor Materials: Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Halide Perovskites.


At the NANOCON´24 conference Prof. Iván Mora-Seró will open the conference by the plenary lecture “Halide Perovskite Nanoparticles for Optoelectronic Applications“.


Background and Education:

Prof. Iván Mora-Seró obtained his M.Sc. in Physics in 1997 and his Ph.D. at the University de València (Spain) in 2004. His research during the Ph.D. was centred in the crystal growth of semiconductors II-VI with narrow gap, setting up the first laboratory in Spain dedicated to the research with the epitaxial growth technique MOCVD (MetalOrganic Chemical Vapour Deposition). On February 2002 he joined the University Jaume I (UJI). At 2006 he started his own research line on quantum dot sensitized solar cells.

Currently he is leading the Research Division F4 Advanced Semiconductors at Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM) of UJI. He has been granted with a 'Juan de la Cierva' and 'Ramon y Cajal' Fellowship both from the Spanish government and 'Idea Award' (2011) in the category of physico-chemical sciences, awarded by the Foundation of the city of Arts and Sciences and the Valencia government. He had been granted with a fellowship at Weizmann Institute, Israel (2016), and the Excelence in Reasearch from the Spanish Royal Academy Socity (2022).


Research interests:

Research of Prof. Mora-Seró has been focused on crystal growth, nanostructured devices, transport and recombination properties, photocatalysis, electrical characterization of photovoltaic, electrochromic, and water splitting systems, making both experimental and theoretical work.

Recent research activity is focused on new concepts for photovoltaic conversion and light emission (LEDs and light amplifiers) based on nanoscaled devices and semiconductor materials following two mean lines: semiconductor quantum dots and halide perovskites, been this last line probably the current hottest topic in the development of new optoelectronic devices. He has been granted with an ERC-Consolidator project 'No-Limit' on the Interaction of Halide Perovskites and Quantum Dots.


Summary of publication activity:

Prof. Morá-Seró published more than 270 papers in international peer-reviewed journals with more than 33.000 citations. He has been continuously included in the list of Highly Cited Researchers of the Web of Science since 2016 to 2023, list that just includes the 6.000 highly cited researchers, in the last 11 years, around the whole world in all the Science categories.

H-index: 84 (WoS, March 2024); ORCID ID